As you may have noticed, our mission, as noble as it might be, is difficult to achieve on our own. That is why we needed willing people to support us in carrying out this work. People such as members, partners, donors, football teams, athletes, cardiologists, nurses, young people and volunteers...  “Help your brother to get back up. Someone’s life, death, success or failure may just depend on a little thing you do, or don’t do, for them.” This is why we would like you to help us save lives and help others. Our current state of need stands at around €92,500 (ninety-two thousand five hundred), broken down as follows:

  • Purchase of 20 fully automatic external defibrillators (electrodes + battery included). à Budget +/- €35,000
  • Purchase of 5 mannequins and 5 training defibrillators à Budget +/- €7,500
  • Purchase of 50 electronic & mechanical blood pressure monitors + 25 stethoscopes and 25 electronic thermometers à Budget +/- €10,000
  • Setting up teams on the ground, travel expenses, buying t-shirts, signs and leaflets which raise awareness of first aid courses. à Budget +/- €10,000
  • Setting up a fund to help disadvantaged young people in Belgium and the DR Congo in accordance with Joël Lobanzo Monsheni’s wishes: “I will set up a fund to help disadvantaged young people and will give food to the poor once a professional player’s contract has been signed” to Budget +/- €30,000 

With this money, we hope to achieve our goal. We know that defibrillators are expensive, but we must consider how much a life is worth.

 The Joël Lobanzo Monsheni Foundation, J.L.M. For Ever, would like to thank you in advance for your generosity.

JLM For ever